25 gift ideas for creative teens

25 Great Gift Ideas for creative teenagers

Teenagers have got to be one of the hardest groups to find gift ideas for. I can always remember how difficult it was to come up with gift ideas for my teens. Especially when you are looking for gift ideas that are not gaming or other electronics. With a little creative thinking, we came up with some great gift ideas for teenagers who like to create and learn new things.

Teenagers don’t want to do kids crafts and some crafts geared to adults are too labor-intensive or expensive or just take too long to learn to do. We have selected these gift ideas for teenagers as we think they strike the right balance between kids and adults. These gift ideas can give your teens a chance to learn something new and maybe find a new interest.

We polled some teenagers while putting together this list of gift ideas and we hope you find it helpful.

Great Gift Ideas for creative teens list.

#1. Felt Succulent Kit

This cool felt succulent kit would be a fun addition to any crafty teenagers’ bedroom. It comes with simple instructions and 18 different succulent plants. These could be placed in individual pots or even make your own terrarium. This definitely had to make our list of gift ideas.

felt succulent kit – DIY

#2 Chain Maille Kit

Chain Maille has been around for centuries. Some of the oldest pieces were found in the graves of Celtic warriors. Chain maille was traditionally used in the earliest armor but continues to be made and worn today. You may see it in the theater but most commonly now it is found in jewelry. For anyone interested in Cosplay, this is a great find. You can start out simple and work your way to full armor or headwear. This Weave Got Maille Byzantine Chain Maille Bracelet Kit is great for beginners but also good for all skill levels.

Cjain Maille Kit – DIY

# 3 DIY Candle making kit

This would be fun for any crafty teen. Candles are always popular on gift ideas lists, so why not let your teen make their own. This kit comes with everything you need and 4 different scents to make your own beautiful scented candle. All of the equipment and supplies are included in the kit

Candle Making kit – DIY

#4. Learn to Crochet Kit

Teenagers can learn new things quickly and learning to crochet would be no exception. This kit comes with all the essentials to learn and make a few projects of their own. This ket comes complete with yarn, hooks, instructions, and a storage bag.

learn to crochet kit- DIY

#5. Wizard Wood Carving Kit

\What kid doesn’t like wizards. This cool wood carving kit on our gift ideas list is perfect for the entry-level woodcarver. Learn a new skill and make something cool at the same time. Many kits make spoons or small bowls. What’s better than making something you can display in your own bedroom. This comes with everything you need for this project.

Wizard wood carving kit – DIY

#6. Leather Toole Kit

Let your teen learn the art of leather crafting. They can make belts, wallets, customs bracelets, pet collars, and more. This kit is a great place to start. It has the tools and supplies to get them started making your first leather crafts. This is another of the great gift ideas that are great for creative teens.

Leathercraft kit – DIY

#7. Needle Felting Kit

These kits are so cute. We have purchased a number of these and they are always a hit. The lits come complete with everything you need to make felted wool cats. Just too cute!

needle felting kit – DIY https://amzn.to/3dTMsDH

#8. Resin kit with molds

These kits can make a huge variety of things, earrings, bracelets, bag tags, key chains, and more. The kit comes with the pigments for coloring the resin, gold flakes, and dried flowers to add to your design. , There are lots of different molds so your teen can make many different designs. Your teen will love being able to custom design their own jewelry or backpack tags.

resin mold and accessory kit


#9. Bath bomb making kit

This cool DIY bath bomb kit is a total score. The kit has supplies to make 12 Lush cupcake bath bombs. They are 100% natural and have pure essential oils and it is made in the USA. It checks all the boxes on our gift ideas list.

bath bomb making kit – DIY

#10. Jewellery making set

Jewelry making remains popular and isn’t going away any time soon. Let your teen.make their own custom bracelet, earrings, or necklace. They can make matching sets for their friends or start their own business. This is a great starter kit and has all the supplies and tools needed to start creating their own uniques treasures. The kit comes with stackable storage boxes and instructional videos for inspiration.

Jewellery making kit- DIY

#11. Instax mini camera

Most teens love to take pictures The popular Instax mini camera by Fujifilm is a great little camera. It has a selfie mode and you can easily print your pictures right on the spot. A perfect gift for those budding photographers.

Instax mini camera

#12. Chemistry set

Creative teens are often curious teens. they love to experiment and learn new things. Science kits are great for any teen interested in science-related field. This chemistry set is geared to older kids. Thames and Kosmos makes a wide variety of sets for older kids and even adults. This set contains all you need to do 125 experiments in your own home lab.

Chemistry set – DIY

#13. Wood burning set

If your teen is safety conscious and takes care to follow instructions this could be the perfect gift. Wood burning can allow your creativity to grow. This wood-burning kit is made in the USA and comes with full instructions for care and use of the wood-burning pen as well as supplies to start making your pwn projects. One of the great things about Walnut Hollow is that you can easily expand your tips if you want to get into more detailed projects.

Walnut Hollow wood burning kit- DIY

#14. Iron on transfer “Build your own gift box”

Give your favorite teen everything they need to make their own unique custom t-shirt. This “Build your own gift box” includes T-shirts in their favorite color, printable iron-on transfer sheets, a tie-dye kit, and an assortment of fabric markers. Gildan t-shirts work very well with iron-on transfer and any dye projects. They wash well and hold up very well o daily wear and tear.

#15 Wooden Mechanical Construction Globe Kit

This kit by Wise Elk is innovative and fun. The globe, once assembled, rotates and is fully functional. Wise eld makes numerous sets in different themes, such as a working microscope, pedestrian bridge, and more. Iy your teen is an attention to detail person who likes putting things together these construction kits are more age-appropriate than the old building kits and 3d puzzles.

Wise elk construction globe DIY

#16. Tropical Terrarium Kit

Grow your pwn tropical paradise in your home. Your teen can make their own beautiful decor and enjoy it year-round. a great way to learn about small container gardening.

Terrarium kit – DIY

#17. Latch Hook Rug Kit

Latch hook, rug hooking, an old favorite has made a comeback. This latch hook kit makes a 27 by 40″ rug. Use it as a rug or as a wall hanging. Easy to follow instructions and all the supplies needed to complete the project.

Latch hook rug kit – DIY

#18. Mynt 3D printing pen

A great gift for creators and artists. Make all your drawing and doodles in 3D. You can even draw in mid-air- with practice of course. The Mynt 3D pen uses a filament that is fed through the pen. Create cool 3D items to display such as animals, picture frames, bow;s and more. You can also create charms and pendants to use as jewelry. Check it out. It’s like the doodle pen but for grown-ups.

Mynt 3D pen – DIY

#19. Nail kit with UV lamp

Give your teen the tools they need to create quality nail designs that will last. This kit comes with everything they need including the UV light, to create their own custom nails. The set comes with lots of colors and decorative rhinestones.

Nail kit with UV lamp – DIY

#20. 3D Metal Earth Star Wars model kit

The metal earth collection of star wars models is a great project for any star wars fan. They come packaged individually and the metal pieces are etched and stamped. they are intricate and have a moderate skill level. For a focused attention to detail then this is a great project. Needle node pliers are highly recommended when assembling (not included). The Metal earth sets also have lots of Star Wars characters, ships, and droids to choose from.

Metal earth star wars kit – DIY

#21. Lego Architecture

Lego just never goes out of style. The Lego Architecture series is perfect for teens and adults, They are more difficult than the lego they may be used of. There are lots to chose from in the architecture series, from famous buildings, bridges and statues. ages 16 and up for these lego kits.

Lego architecture DIY kit

#22. Classic Car model Kit

I know some teenagers who would love to have a 1967 Chelby sitting on their shelf. This model kit is a 1:25 scale model of the 1967 Shelby. Just the right difficulty level for teens. Glue and cement not included in model kit. Links are provided.

#23. Hair Chalk Pens

Lots of teens love to have fun with their hair. This kit of Hair chalk pens allows them to play with different colours and styles without the damaging effects of dyes and heat. the hair chalk is easily applied and washes out with water. Check it out!

hair chalk pens

#24. Macrame wall Hanging Kit

In the last year or so Macrame has made a comeback. This cool wall hanging kit comes with all you need and directions for making it. The finished size is 10″ wide by 48″ long. Perfect for a teens bedroom wall.

macrame wall hanging kit – DIY

#25 Rock Tumbler Kit

Let your teen turn dingy old rocks into sparkling gems that they can use in jewelry making or keychains or in other craft projects. Perhaps your teen would like to start their own rock collection. This kit comes with everything you need to get started, including rocks.

Rock tumbler kit -DIY

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