DIY Marbled easter Eggs made with spray paint

How to Marbleize Easter Eggs with Spray paint

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Don’t you just love pretty easter eggs? It is always fun to make them and even more fun to put them on display or add them to your Easter decor. This fun way to marbleize easter eggs with spray paint is super quick and easy to do. Choose just the right colours for your easter display or add them to floral arrangements.

how to marbleize easter eggs with spray paint
How to Marbleize Easter Eggs with Spray Paint

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How to marbleize Easter Eggs with spray paint.

When you are ready to marbleize Easter Eggs with spray paint, ensure you have a well-ventilated area to work in.

Make sure that when you are using spray paint, you are out of the wind and in an area where there will not be overspray onto other objects in the area.

Blow out the egg

Blow out the eggs (instructions available here if needed) Allow time to dry.

Prepare the egg

  1. Insert the skewer or small dowel into the egg. The dowel should come out the other end of the egg, just enough to secure it in place with the modelling clay.
  2. Take a small bit of modelling clay and secure the skewer/dowel to both ends of the egg. just a tiny bit, so as not to cover too much of the egg surface.
  3. do this for every egg you are making, (having them ready will make the process go faster.)

Prepare the drying tray

Place a foam floral block onto a baking tray and tape it down to the tray, to secure it in place, using painter’s tape. (This is a great use for an old baking sheet, that is no longer used)

how to marbleize easter eggs with spray paint
How to Marbleize Easter Eggs with Spray Paint

Prepare the marbleizing bath

Line a plastic container with a plastic waterproof bag. (The liner is used to protect the surface of the container. If you are using an old container that you plan on throwing out, a liner is not required.

Add spray Paint

  1. Staying about 8 to 12 inches from the water, spray the spray paint onto the surface of the water.
  2. Alternate colours, spraying the next colour over the last.
  3. You should see a marble pattern forming on the surface of the water. (spreading out like a ring)
  4. Once the surface is covered with spray paint, you are ready to proceed.

Dip the eggs into the bath

Hold the end of the skewer and dip the egg into the paint-covered water. Slowly turn the egg, to cover all sides and the ends.

Once the egg is covered, push away any paint on the surface, using your other hand.

how to marbleize easter eggs with spray paint
How to Marbleize Easter Eggs with Spray Paint

Slowly remove the egg from the water.

Allow the water to drip off for a few seconds.

Place the skewer or dowel into the floral foam and allow the egg to dry.

Repeat the process with the remainder of your eggs.

Allow all of the eggs to dry before removing the skewers. Drying completely takes about 2 hours.

Remove the Skewers/dowels

Carefully remove the modelling clay from one end of the egg and then the other end. Take care, not to remove any of the paint.

Slide the skewer/dowel out of the egg.

Drain out any water that seeped into the egg. (This can happen if the seal is not tight around the end holes of the eggs.)

Touch up the ends of the marbleized Easter Eggs

Spray some of your spray paint onto a paper or styrofoam plate, making a small puddle.

Using a Q-tip or disposable paintbrush, apply some paint around the holes. Allow the ends to dry. Repeat for all of the eggs.

Sealing the finished marbleized Easter Eggs

You don’t need to seal your finished Marbleized Easter eggs, but sealing the egg will make the shell stronger. I recommend applying a coat of sealant if the eggs are going to be handled, as it makes them a little more resilient. I recommend a Modge Podge sealer or a Clear Acrylic spray sealer, such as Krylon Clear.

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How to blow out eggs properly.

Place a small bowl on the countertop. Pierce each end of the egg with a darning needle or metal skewer. Work the skewer or needle around the hole to make it 1/8 to 1/4 inch in diameter.

Insert the skewer far enough to pierce the yolk.

There are two ways to blow the egg out once you have the holes in each end.

The first (and safest) way is to insert a drinking straw into the end of the egg and blow through the straw while holding the egg over the bowl.

The second way is to place the egg against your lips, make a seal around the hole and blow the insides of the egg into the bowl. If you have concerns about coming into contact with the raw egg, the first way is the safest.

Once the egg is blown out, hold it over warm running water, allowing water to get inside the egg.

Let the water drain out or blow it out and set it on a towel and allow it to dry completely before starting to marbleize Easter eggs with spray paint.

Ways to Display Your Finished Marbleized Easter Eggs

The obvious way to display your marbleized Easter Eggs is in a decorative Easter Basket or Easter Egg Carousel Holder, but this is also an opportunity to recycle cardboard tubes. The cardboard tubes that are left from the rolls of Cricut vinyl are perfect. They are fairly strong and can be decorated with fabric, trims, embellishments or vinyl.

Marbleized Easter Eggs look amazing in a centrepiece. Just add some glue to the flat end of a wooden skewer and insert it into the egg, adhering it to the other side of the egg. Yes, it may be a little off-center as you will need to have the skewer adhered just inside of the hole at the other end of the egg, but that will look beautiful in an easter display.

Use marbleized Easter Eggs to decorate the top of a cake. Use the skewer method above for center[pieces, but shorten the skewer to the depth of the cake and poke them into the cake.

How to store your finished marbleized easter eggs

If your eggs do not have anything glued onto them, such as embellishments of trim, or even if you turned them into Easter Egg Gnomes, store them in a hard-sided container in easter grass.

FAQs and Helpful Tips

Recycling Tips and Ideas

This is a great opportunity to use leftover spray paint or even nail polish. Our modelling clay was leftover bits from a kid’s project, our spray paint was also leftover paint from other projects and our Easter Egg Stands were made from Cricut vinyl tubes, cut into short lengths and decorated with leftover fabric.

Can I use plastic eggs instead of real eggs to marbleize Easter eggs with Spray paint?

Yes, but before using them apply a generous-sized bead of glue around the seam to keep the water out. Using your finger smooth the glue around the seam of the egg. This should make the seam less noticeable in the finished egg, but there are no guarantees, you will have a seamless finish.

You can also use plastic eggs that do not open, sold online and in craft and dollar stores. These marbelize nicely but are difficult to hold to and are also difficult to add holes to, as the plastic is thin and dents easily and can also crack.

Make sure the glue has dried completely before starting the marbleizing technique.

how to marbleize easter eggs with spray paint

Can I use wooden eggs instead in this project?

Yes, however, you will need to drill a small hole in one end to insert the dowel or skewer to hold while dipping and drying. You can also insert a screw into the end and use it as a handle however, they are often hard to insert anything into as the wood can be quite hard. It does also not work well for inserting into the foam for drying.

Can I use any other kind of paint instead of spray paint?

Do not mix other paints with the spray paint to marbleize Easter Eggs with spray paint. The effect of the marbling comes from the layers of paint that are sprayed onto the surface of the water.

This process can also be done using nail polish, by dropping nail polish gently onto the surface of the water and swirling the polish with a toothpick and dipping the egg.

Non-spray paints, such as acrylic craft paint, do not work with this marbling method.

I hope that you have enjoyed this tutorial on How to Marbleize Easter Eggs with Spray Paint. It was fun to make some cool eggs to add to our Easter centrepieces.

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This website contains affiliate links. As an affiliate, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases (at no cost to you).