how to make Gnome Easter Eggs

Easy DIY Gnome Easter Eggs (Free printable and SVG)

I just love Gnomes, as you probably know, if you have checked out any of our other Gnome projects ( our Long-Legged Gnome and our Leprechaun Gnome). These little DIY Gnome Easter Eggs are so cute and can be added to flower arrangements, tablescapes or add a base and display on their own. They are a great addition to any Easter decor.

In this post, you will find, a craft supplies list needed for this project, a list of tools needed, instructions on how to blow put eggs, Instructions on how to assemble your Gnome Easter Eggs, the free printable pattern and SVG pattern, ideas for recycling, a video reference tutorial, and frequently asked questions.

DIY gnome easter Eggs

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Craft supplies you need to make DIY Gnome Easter Eggs

Craft Room Tools Neeeded

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How to blow out an Egg.

If using Plastic Craft eggs, skip this step and move on to the instructions to make DIY Gnome Easter Eggs,

The best way to blow out an egg is as follows

Place a small bowl on the countertop.

Pierce each end of the egg with a darning needle or metal skewer. Work the skewer or needle around the hole to make it 1/8 to 1/4 inch in diameter.

Insert the skewer or darning needle far enough to pierce the yolk.

There are two ways to blow the egg out once you have the holes in each end.

The first (and safest) way is to insert a drinking straw into the end of the egg and blow through the straw while holding the egg over the bowl.

The second way is to place the egg against your lips, make a seal around the hole and blow the insides of the egg into the bowl. If you have concerns about coming into contact with the raw egg, the first way is the safest.

Once the egg is blown out, hold it over warm running water, allowing water to get inside the egg.

Let the water drain out or blow it out and set on a towel and allow to dry completely before starting to make our DIY Gnome Easter eggs.

top hats from cardboard tubes

These Cardboard Tube Top Hats make a cute Gnome Easter Egg hat.

DIY Gnome easter Eggs

Video Tutorial – DIY Gnome Easter Eggs

Instructions to make DIY Gnome Easter Eggs

Paint or dye your egg if desired. We chose to paint our eggs with acrylic paint. If using a purchased egg dye kit, follow instructions on the packaging and allow your eggs to dry before moving on.

Printable and SVG Patterns for DIY Gnome Easter Eggs – Pattern pieces.

Download either the printable or the Cricut cutting SVG pattern here.

Cut Pattern Pieces

You will need the following pieces:

  • Hat -One triangular hat piece- cut from felt or fleece. (or use the top hat from our Top Hat tutorial)
  • one set of feet – cut from thin craft foam.
  • one triangular beard – cut from faux fur
  • one piece of trim or fabric -long enough to go around the cardboard tube (measure for size)
  • ears – cut from felt, fleece or from leftover faux fur pieces.

Making the Hat

To make the pointed hat

Download and resize the hat pattern to fit your egg.

diy easter egg gnome

With right sides together, sew along the seam of the hat. Turn right side out and roll up the brim and apply some glue to keep the brim in place.

Add buttons or embellishments if desired (we used a foam flower cutout)

If you are unable to sew – apply glue to the seam, overlapping and then allow it to dry before rolling the brim and applying glue to the brim.

To make the Top Hat

The top hat is made from a recycled cardboard tube. Get the instructions HERE

Adding Ears

Cut ears (from fleece, felt or fur) and apply with hot glue to the sides of the top hat or the pointed hat. Ears are optional! when adding ears to the rolled point hat, tuck the ears into the rolled brim and apply glue.

If you wish to cut ears from faux fur, use the printable pattern or cut in a tall thin triangular shape. The faux fur is fluffy enough that the shape doesn’t have to be perfect.

Cutting the beard

The beard size is dependent on the size of your egg. I am using plastic craft eggs (large gnome with white tophat), as well as a real egg (small gnome with green hat). There is a fair amount of size difference between the two eggs. It is best to measure and cut a small triangle out of paper and try it for size before cutting your faux fur. That will make sure you don’t end up cutting the fur too small.

Measure halfway around your egg at the widest part.

Measure how long you would like your beard to be.

Cut a triangular piece of faux fur according to your measurements.

Cut a notch on the top of the beard. The notch will surround the nose when attached. (see image below)

If using a Cricut cutting machine

Download the free SVG pattern from our Free Resource Library.

Upload the project into Cricut Design Space.

Ungroup and then resize the pattern pieces to fit your egg.

Measure the circumference of the egg to make sure the hat brim fits over the size of the egg, before cutting.

DIY Gnome easter Egg

Measure the cardboard tube circumference and make sure that the cut-out feet will fit under the cardboard tube.

If Using Scissors

Download the printable pattern from our Free Resource Library.

Print the pattern and resize to fit the egg, if needed.

Making a stand for your Gnome Easter Egg

If you choose to make the feet and stand, we used leftover cardboard tubes for the legs. See recycling ideas below for other options.

Using a cardboard tube

Cut the feet pattern from thin foam or stiff felt.

Apply fabric or decorative cardstock to your cardboard tube with glue. Measure around the tube and the height and cut a rectangle to fit. Apply with hot glue or tacky glue.

Run a bead of glue around the base of the cardboard tube and adhere it to the cut foam feet.

Attaching the nose

Add a bead of hot glue to the egg about one-third of the way down from the top of the egg. (see placement below)

diy easter egg gnome

Attach the beard

Apply a bead of glue on both sides and below the nose. Place the beard under the nose, making sure the notch surrounds the sides of the nose. . Apply more glue to secure the beard as needed.

Attach the hat

Apply a bead of glue around the top of the egg and place the hat onto the glue.

Attach the stand (legs and feet)

Run a bead of glue around the top of the stand, that you have already made. Place the egg onto the stand in the desired position.

Allow your DIY Gnome easter egg to dry completely before using.

Recyling Ideas when making DIY Gnome Easter Eggs

This is a great opportunity to use leftover felt, fabric, embellishments such as buttons and even faux fur from other projects. Since the eggs are small, they don’t require a long of supplies.

Our stands are made from Cricut cardboard tubes, covered in fabric, which was leftover from other vinyl projects.

If you don’t have cardboard tubes, you can use a napkin ring, egg cup, or a pill bottle, covered in fabric. Any small cylinder will work fine.

diy gnome easter eggs


Can I use plastic eggs instead of real eggs?

Yes, you can use any egg-shaped object that you like. Wooden eggs, plastic craft eggs and even the dollar store eggs that open for candy are all fine.

If using the eggs that open, be sure to run a bead of glue around the opening and secure it before adding your pattern pieces.

To make this project a child-friendly craft, use the hard shell plastic eggs, that have been sealed shut. They are much easier for little hands.

How to store your Gnome Easter Eggs.

I recommend storing them in a hard-sided storage box, in easter grass or something to keep them from cracking or breaking.

I hope you enjoy making your own DIY Gnome Easter Eggs.

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This website contains affiliate links. As an affiliate, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases (at no cost to you).