the 5 minute Christmas shadow box

The 5 minute Easy to make Christmas shadow box.

Have you ever stood back and looked at your Christmas decor and thought there was just a little something missing? This easy to make Christmas shadow box is the perfect fit.

easy 5 minute shadow box on a table
DIY 5 Minute Christmas Shadow Box

This easy-to-make Christmas shadow box is the perfect 5-minute craft that adds a bit of bling to your Christmas decor. . You can easily personalize it to your liking and match your colour scheme and change it up every year to match whatever your heart desires.

For our 5 minute easy-to-make Christmas shadow box, I used a white shadow box, but you can use a black shadow box or whatever colour and size is to your liking.

Our mini glitter balls are white, silver and turquoise. Our miniature white wooden nutcracker was a dollar store find and the snowflake came out of our Christmas decorations. An easy way to upcycle some of your Christmas decor that you already have.

Supplies List

Steps to put together your Christmas Shadow Box

  1. Remove the backboard from your shadow box.
  2. Clean the inside of the glass on your shadow box. Remove any dust or oils from manufacturing with a window cleaner.
  3. Using the shadow box backboard as a template, cut the glitter cardstock to fit the board.
  4. Adhere the glitter cardstock to the backboard of the shadow box with tacky glue or double-sided tape. * If you are going to use the shadow box over and over, I recommend double-sided tape, as it removes easily without damaging the cardstock or the board.”
  5. Open your Christmas mini-ornament packages and pour the desired amount into the shadow box. To check if the amount is to your liking, place the backing on the box and stand upright and check. Add more if desired.
  6. Once you have the desired amount of Christmas mini glitter balls in the shadow box, Place the box on its back on your work surface.
  7. Apply tacky glue or adhesive zots to the top left corner and attach your glitter snowflake.
  8. Apply tacky glue or adhesive zots to the bottom right corner and attach your white nutcracker.
  9. Leave to dry.
  10. Once dry hold up and tilt your shadow box to the side. This will move the mini glitter ornaments a bit towards the side so that they are on an angle in the box.
  11. Place your shadow box prominently amongst your Christmas decor.

Ideas for your 5 Minute Christmas Shadow Box

  • Make three and line them up in a row on a shelf
  • Nestle it on a buffet or side table with an assortment of glitter trees.
  • Put one on a shelf surrounded by Christmas Cards
  • Sit one next to “Elf on the shelf”
  • Place one on the nightstand in a spare bedroom for a little festive decor for your holiday guests.

Steps to Make The 5 Minute, easy to make Christmas Shadow Box.

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NOTE** Adhesive Zots are an excellent alternative to using tacky glue. If you plan to re-use the box later, they are easily removed and don’t leave behind any sticky residue.

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