fireplace decor for valentine's day - fireplace decorated for valentines day

Classic and Chic Fireplace Decor for Valentine’s Day

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Dressing up your fireplace with some classic and chic fireplace decor for Valentine’s Day adds a little class to a romantic evening. If you don’t have a mantle, you can use these great ideas on a bookshelf, window sill or even an antique dresser or buffet.

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If you have seen our DIY Garlands, you will already know that they are a great addition to a fireplace mantle or shelf, no matter the celebration. Our fireplace decor for Valentine’s Day is over the top. Most of these are easy to make and some can even be repurposed for other holidays throughout the year.

Our Favourite Fireplace Decor for Valentine’s Day

Cozy it up!

fireplace decor for valentines day
Cozy fireplace Decor for Valentine’s Day

Make your fireplace a cozy setting for Valentine’s Day. A Maribou Feather Boa laid across the mantle says class and elegance. Most boas are 4-inch, so add three or four together to get a nice full look.

A soft upholstered chair, draped in a faux fur blanket and topped with a couple of heart-shaped pillows creates an elegant and sophisticated look.

Since red is a traditional colour on Valentine’s Day, this is an opportunity to repurpose some Christmas decor items, such as the red boa or faux fur blanket.

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Hang a Garland Vertically

Felt Heart Garland hanging on a fireplace
Go for a Vertical Look

Creating and hanging a Valentine’s Day heart garland vertically adds a different look. Using Invisible thread or fishing line to hang the garland makes the hearts look like they are floating in the air. Make your own DIY Valentine’s Day Heart Garland and hang them all around the house.

Add Pillar candles and silk flowers to finish off the look.

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Rustic Wooden Letters are Classic

red flower garland on a white fireplace mantle wth wooden LOVE Letters
DIY Valentine’s Day Ideas for your fireplace

Don’t forget the wooden letters. I have a bunch and can use them throughout the year. Spell out LOVE and add a silk flower garland across the mantle with a couple of candles to top it off.

To add a bit of height, add a silk flower topiary to each end of the mantle.

Place some single candles on the hearth or in the firebox and frame the space with heart-shaped cushions.

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Flowers and Candles for a Traditional Look

 some pink roses and blanket fby a fireplace hearth
Add some pink roses and a blanket for a touch of romance

Roses are the signature flower for Valentine’s Day. Beautiful Pink Roses in a White Vase set off a white fireplace.

Add pink candles and a fuzzy pink throw for a cozy look!

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Go Big on Hearts!

Big Stuffed Felt hearts on a fireplace
Big Stuffed Felt Hearts get noticed!

Make a DIY Felt Hearts in a jumbo size and hang them from the mantle for an attention-getting look.

Stack silk flowers across the mantle with pillar candles to finish the look.

Don’t forget a few candles and more silk flowers in the firebox if you are not going to use the firebox of course.

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Get the Kids Involved

paper hearts hanging from a fireplace mantle
Cut paper Hearts from Cardstock and hang them

This is budget-friendly and lets the kids have fun decorating the fireplace.

Cut various sized hearts from medium or heavy weight cardstock and hang them from the mantle with string or embroidery floss.

Use hot glue to adhere the string to the back of the hearts.

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Add Thrift Store Finds

painted frames with paper hearts on a mantle
Thrifted Fireplace Decor for Valentine’s Day

Hit the thrift store and pick up some cheap frames. Spray paint them red and white and add some cardstock heart cutouts. This is a super budget-friendly project and can be switched to a Christmas theme by adding cut-out ornaments of Christmas trees.

Add some spray-painted wood blocks to add a little extra colour.

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Painted Bottles and Candlesticks

paper hearts over a fireplace with painted red bottles and candlesyicks
Upcycle Candlesticks and Bottles in Valentine’s Day red.

Recycle some of your old candlesticks and bottles by painting them red. Reuse them in your Christmas Decor or add some white and blue for the 4th of July.

This is also another great thrift store project. All you need is some old candleholders, bottles and a can of bright red spray paint.

Add some hearts cut from cardstock to the wall above the mantle. Using sticky tack to hold them, in place allows you to remove them without damage to the wall.

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Valentine’s Day Wreath

large heart shaoped flower wreath above a white mantle
Add a stunning wreath over the mantle

Hange an extra large floral heart-shaped wreath over the mantle. If you are a DIYer, you can use a large wire or floral foam heart form. Add individual flowers or cover it with a couple of floral swags, securing it with wire.

Wrap large boxes in red paper or Valentine’s Day gift wrap and attach a ribbon. Place on one side of the hearth and add some pillar candles on the other side.

Finish the mantle with some red accent pieces and candles.

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Add a Banner

valentines day banner hanging from a white mantle
Hang a banner across the mantle and accent it with art

Add some greenery across the mantle with some dried flowers.

Add a large red felt heart to a blank frame.

Purchase or create a felt banner to hang across the front of the fireplace. This banner is easy to make if you have a Cricut cutting machine, some HTV vinyl and a hot glue gun.

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Honeycomb Tissue Hearts

honeycomb tissue hearts above a mantle - Fireplace decor for valentine's Dau
Hang inexpensive Honeycomb Tissue Hearts over the mantle

Honeycomb tissue hearts are inexpensive and can be picked up in various sizes. Hang them from command hooks for easy removal later. Hide the command hook under a small honeycomb heart.

Add a blank frame for texture.

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Don’t Forget a Valentine’s Gnome

valentines fireplace decor - gnomes
Add a couple of sitting gnomes onto the mantle with your Fireplace Decor for Valentine’s Day

As you know, we love Gnomes. Adding a couple of sitting plush gnomes onto the mantle adds some whimsey.

Balance out the mantle with a couple of arrangements of heart flower picks, dried flowers and filler.

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Are you a DIY’er?

We hope you are inspired by our fantastic finds for fireplace decor for Valentine’s Day!

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This website contains affiliate links. As an affiliate, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases (at no cost to you).