How to make Ghost Droppings using our free printable.

Did someone say candy? Halloween is such a fun time for kids and even some adults. The decorating is fun but eating all the candy is more fun. You can make these fun little ghost droppings. These ghost droppings are a great handout and are super kid-friendly.

Ghost Droppings are very easy to make and even the kids can put them together These easy-to-make Ghost Droppings are an easy way to get the kids involved. You do the printing and cutting and let them do the rest. Let the kids have fun handing out their Ghost Droppings to their friends and their classmates.

These Ghost Droppings treat bags are a great compliment to our other Halloween handouts, like our Alien Boogers treat bags, Pumpkin Guts Halloween treat Bags, our Crow Beaks Halloween treat bags and our Frankenstein’s Bolts Halloween treat bags.

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Whimsical Light Up Halloween Doorbell. So cute and has a few different phrases to greet your trick or treaters.

Making Ghost Droppings can be a fun afternoon activity and an opportunity to add a little learning into the mix. Use a little math by counting all the candy up and dividing them up into equal numbers for the treat bags. P.S always have a few extra, since you know they will be eating some.

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Easy and fun to make Ghost dropping treat bags.
Fun to make – Ghost Droppings treat bags

Materials you need to make the Ghost Droppings treat bags

Supplies needed if using a Cricut Cutting machine

Thinking about buying a Cricut Cutting machine. Check out our post on How to choose the right Cricut cutting machine for you.

We used a medium weight card stock as it seems to be the best weight for the inkjet printer and still be strong enough to hold the top of the treat bags firmly in place

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How to Make the Ghost Droppings treat bags on your inkjet printer

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Steps in making your Ghost Droppings treat bags


Print the treat bags cards – There are 6 printable ghost droppings treat bag cards per 8.5″ by 11″ sheet of card stock. Print enough to make the number of ghost droppings treat bags you plan on making.

Printed Halloween Ghost droppings treat bags cards
Printed Ghost Droppings treat cards ready to cut.


With a paper trimmer, cut around the edges of all six cards. If you don’t have a paper trimmer, use scissors or a ruler and x-acto knife on a cutting mat.

Use a paper trimmer to cut cards


If you are assigning the rest of the assembly to young kids, make an easy assembly area for them to follow.

everything nearby for easy assembly.


Fill out the FROM section on the back of the Ghost Droppings tag. This is a great time for the kids to practice their writing skills.

Fill in name


Fold tags in half, so they are easy to attach to the top of the treat bag.

Put yogurt-covered raisins (or your favourite white candy) into treat bags and staple the “Ghost Droppings” folded tag to the top of the bag.

add tag and staple


Halloween treat bags - pumpkin guts



Now you are ready to hand them out!

Making the Ghost Droppings treat bags with a Cricut cutting machine

If you have a Cricut cutting machine open the canvas in Design space,

Steps to print and cut in Cricut design space.

  • download and save the image to your computer from our free reource library.
  • Upload the png image into design space
  • Save as a print and cut file
  • Load the design onto the design space canvas
  • Resize to the size you want. You can make your treat bags as big or small as you want.
  • NOTE – the tags will be cut along the black border of the tag. If you would like a bit of extra space around the tag follow these easy steps
  • Select shapes from the side menu ( or use the offset option from the top menu in Cricut Design space)
  • Select square and resize to cover the tag
  • Left-click on your mouse and send to back
  • Resize if not already desired size.
  • Left-click on the tag and then on the square – both should be highlighted on the right side layers panel
  • Select Flatten – from the bottom right tools menu.
  • Duplicate to make as many tags as desired.
  • Now “Make it”

In this image below we added a box as described above and now have a nice clean white border around the black border of the tag.

Cuts leaving a border around the tag

We hope that you enjoy this easy Ghost Droppings project.

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This post contains affiliate links. As an affiliate, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases (at no cost to you).